A r i a Collection

The second collection of DOROLIFESTYLE is presented by the "Aria" chair. The linear design of the chair enhances the space and everything surrounded it. The emptiness that furnish. Simple concept, simple realization. Pastel colours warm up the cold soul obtained by an iron stick cropped in segments for building the frame. The seats are extract from a layer of steel, conveniently curved to create a pillow optical illusion. "Aria" has 2 variation: high-backed or classic. The suggested  range of colours is 5, appropriate for the household ambience.


Costumer: Dorolifestyle
Location:Turin, Italy
Description: Handmade Iron furniture
Materials: Iron 
Status: For sale

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Video di presentazione
Realizzato a mano da: La Bottega del Fabbro
Foto: Pepe Fotografia